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Professional and Student Salons

EHNW salons offer offer opportunities to engage in dialogue about a existential topics of interest to the mutual benefit of everyone.


EHNW Salons

Existential Humanist salon

Our hope in hosting these salons is to create a space for practitioners and members of the EH community to gather, socialize, and explore meaningful topics.

We invite you to join us in an open conversation to discuss spirituality and its intersection with Existential Humanistic Psychotherapy. The conversation will be salon style where participants share what is present for them from whatever perspective is present for them – personal, psychological, spiritual, mythical, or anything else that might emerge.


Poetry, Lyrics, and Prose Webinar

Date: Saturday, July 18th, 2020, 11am – 1pm

Location: Online by Zoom, Logon instructions sent with registration confirmation
Cost: $20 for Non-EHNW-Affiliates, $15 for students, No Charge for EHNW Affiliates

For the time being, all our activities will be held via webinar (Zoom)

Poets, lyricists, and writers have creatively and beautifully expressed humanistic and existential themes with their words. We will be sharing some of our favorites, with reflections. We invite the attendees who would like to do so to share a song, a lyric, a poem, a line, or a passage that has personal meaning. As a group we will listen, reflect, respond, and hopefully be inspired. In salon fashion, there will not be a presentation, but rather a gathering to share thoughts with each other. Please come to share or to listen.

Facilitated by Dave Fischer, PsyD. and Gemma Baumer, graduate student

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Existential Humanist salon

Past EHNW salon offerings include:

06/16/18 – The Intersection Between Existential Humanistic Psychotherapy and Spirituality

10/27/18 – Becoming a Therapist

06/24/19 – Working with Your Clients’ Sexual Issues using an Existential-Humanistic Perspective.

11/16/19 – The Value of Adopting a Theoretical Orientation.

03/17/20 – Case conceptualization, consultation, and discussion from an Existential-Humanistic perspective